11 Nov

Collaborating to decarbonise tourism 

The global threat of climate change and the urgent action needed to reduce carbon emissions and achieve net zero have been under intense discussion at COP26 over the last fortnight. The travel industry – along with all other businesses and governments – has an important role to play in tackling these issues and we explored this in our Decarbonising Tourism event this morning. 
The event was not only an opportunity to understand the challenges and what the commitments made at COP26 mean for travel and tourism, it was also a chance to learn from travel businesses on the actions being taken to reduce emissions. If you were unable to join the event this morning – you can watch it back here.
The travel industry has made progress on carbon emissions in recent years – including towards the development of sustainable aviation fuels and a number of businesses across travel and tourism setting targets and reporting carbon reductions – but that work needs to be scaled up and continue as a matter of urgency. 
No one business, organisation or government can do it on their own – collaboration is essential. ABTA is working with Members, destinations, the UK government and industry partners, including Sustainable Aviation, to support the development of sustainable tourism and the reduction in carbon emissions.
To help advance the industry’s understanding of climate change, the impact it will have on travel businesses and the actions needed to reduce global emissions, ABTA has today announced a new initiative with Deloitte. 
Over the next year ABTA and Deloitte will be working together on a range of activities that will help ABTA Members engage with climate change, see what decarbonisation looks like across the industry – for hotels, aviation, cruise, ground transport and tourist destinations, and develop plans for how businesses can deliver meaningful change. 
Together ABTA and Deloitte aim to engage senior leaders from ABTA Member travel companies on climate change and provide the support to develop a meaningful response to the crisis. The project will build on the work from ABTA’s Tourism for Good report. 
You can read more about the collaboration here.

Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive