Register a dispute

ABTA will aim to respond to all disputes within 28 days if not sooner. If you’ve registered a dispute regarding a pre-departure issue, we will be in touch with you sooner than the current wait time.

See our FAQs and Tips and advice for the answers to many common questions. 

Please note you cannot register a dispute against a company that is no longer trading. If you are trying to make a claim for a holiday that was not taken as a result of the company going out of business, please click here.

Before registering your dispute, you must check they are an ABTA Member.

We recommend using a laptop or PC as this will make it easier to navigate through the portal and to upload files.


We’re sorry that you would like to register a dispute against one of our Members

Before proceeding please ensure you have the following information to hand as you'll need to upload them during the registration process.

  • 1. Copies of correspondence between you and the company (whether letter or email).
    • Please remember that our Members have 28 days in which to respond to correspondence. Please ensure that this time frame has elapsed prior to registration.
  • 2. Copies of the replies.
  • 3. A copy of the ATOL Certificate and/or confirmation invoice.
  • 4. If you've been in contact with the company by phone please provide details of the conversations.

If these documents aren’t uploaded correctly, this will lead to a delay in your complaint being handled.

You are about to register a dispute on our online portal. This information will be visible to ABTA’s Customer Information Advisers and the selected ABTA Member. You are in control and can decide whether to settle or withdraw your dispute at any time. The portal is a facility put in place for yourself and the ABTA Member to liaise and ideally come to an agreement. The ABTA team will be able to offer information but do not pass judgement on the case. We may provide you with information on how to proceed via arbitration or conciliation depending on the nature of your dispute. You do not need legal representation but, can be represented by a third party if you wish. More information can be found here.

Please don’t upload photographs or videos; if they’re required we’ll contact you for them.

If your dispute is about a flight delay, you’ll need to contact the Civil Aviation Authority.

We do not need copies of your passport, medical reports, bank statements or other more sensitive personal data unless it is directly related to your dispute.

Read our Privacy notice to find out how we will use your personal data.