Travel company failures

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Submission of claims

All claims, with full supporting documentation must be submitted within six months of the failure date.

How long will it take to process my claim?

We are currently estimating that claims may take up to eight weeks to be processed. 

When you submit your claim, please ensure you send through all the paperwork, receipts and any other documentation that supports your claim. This will mean we won’t have to contact you for further information, which takes additional time. Please ensure you submit your bank account details for your refund as we are unable to make payments into credit card or savings accounts.

Once you’ve submitted your claim, we would kindly ask that only essential additional communications are made to us in regard to your claim, as dealing with these can lead to longer processing times, we will contact you once your claim is being processed. 

We are sorry to advise that the following companies have ceased trading. Please click on the company you have booked with for more information.

Oundle Travel Ltd
Oundle Travel Ltd
Arena Tours Ltd
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