Travel company failures

This page is only for customers who have booked with an ABTA member travel company that has failed.

Please do not use this page if you have a complaint with a trading ABTA member as this will delay our ability to help you.

Please click here for further advice on our complaints procedure.

Failed travel company claims

If the travel company you've booked with has failed and you need to submit a claim because your holiday cannot go ahead, please follow the advice below.

Submission of claims

A list of failed ABTA member travel companies is shown below. If the company is not on this list they may not have failed and you should use the link above for advice on registering a complaint.

All claims, with full supporting documentation, must be submitted within six months of the company failure date. The failure date will be shown on the individual company advice page below. Claims received after this date will not be accepted.

Depending on the failure and how you paid, your claim may not be with ABTA, please ensure you follow the advice given below for individual failed travel companies.

How long will it take to process my claim?

Currently, claims can take six to eight weeks to be processed. This may be quicker if we have all the information we need when you submit your claim.

When you submit your claim, please ensure you send through all the paperwork, receipts and any other documentation that supports your claim, a list of required documents is provided when you register a claim. 

This is important, it means we won’t have to contact you for further information, which takes additional time and slows up your claim. 

If your claim is successful all refunds are paid by BACS, please ensure you provide your bank account details for your refund correctly. 

We are unable to make payments onto credit cards or into savings accounts.

Once you’ve submitted your claim, we would kindly ask that only essential communications are made to us, as dealing with inquiries can lead to longer processing times, we will contact you once your claim is being processed. 

If the company you’ve booked with is not listed below and you have a complaint with a trading ABTA member, please click here for further advice concerning our complaints procedure. 

Please do not register a claim against a trading company as our ability to help you will only be delayed. 

Claim already submitted

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Current travel company failures

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