Travel company failures

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Submission of claims

All claims, with full supporting documentation must be submitted within six months of the failure date.

How long will it take to process my claim?

Unfortunately there has been a large number of company failures recently and we have received an exceptionally high number of customer claims. We are processing individual claims as quickly as possible, and have employed additional personnel to help with this. 

Please be aware that we are currently estimating that claims can take up to six months to be processed – this is not usually the case, it is simply down to the volume of claims that have been submitted. 

When you submit your claim, please ensure you send through all the paperwork, receipts and any other documentation that supports your claim. This will mean we won’t have to contact you for further information, which takes additional time. Please ensure you submit your bank account details for your refund as we are unable to make payments into credit card or savings accounts.

Once you’ve submitted your claim, we would kindly ask that only essential additional communications are made to us in regard to your claim. We are receiving many hundreds of emails and calls each week with general enquiries and this severely impacts the time it takes to process claims and may lead to longer processing times.

We are sorry to advise that the following companies have ceased trading. Please click on the company you have booked with for more information.

Mercator Enterprises Ltd
Revealed Travel logo
Sam Smith Travel Ltd
Sam Smith Travel logo
Kanoo Travel Ltd
Kanoo Travel logo
Team Tours Direct Ltd
Team Tours Direct logo

Emerald Global Ltd
trading as Peoples Travel | Ayubowan Travel and Tours | Econsul | Emerald Travel | Namaste Travel and Tours | Salaam Tours and Travel | and Vanakkam Travel and Tours


Travel Day Ltd
trading as: Holiday USA | Simply Global Travel | Luxury Indian Ocean | The Vegas Wedding Company | Exclusive Dubai | Caribbean Classics and Low Cost USA

Travel Day logo

Baxter Hoare Travel Ltd

Tucan Ltd 
trading as Tucan Travel


Tucan Travel logo
Horncastle Executive Travel 
Horncastle Executive Travel
Courtney Airsavers Ltd
Courtney Airsavers Ltd
Toucan Travel Ltd
trading as Magical Tickets | Hart Travel | Winchester Travel Service | and Peregrine Travel
Toucan Travel
E Thornton & Son Ltd
trading as Thornton’s Travel | Thornton’s Cruise World | and Thornton’s Travel Service
E Thornton & Son Ltd logo

Harris Holidays Limited
trading as Ski Weekends.

We are pleased to confirm that Weekend Travel Ltd trading as Ski Weekend (with no s on the end, website: (ATOL 2775) has no connection with Harris Holidays Limited.

Skiweekends logo
Viceroy Limited
Viceroy logo
David Urquhart Sky Travel Ltd
David Urquhart logo
Fleetway Travel Limited
Fleetway travel logo

South Quay Travel & Leisure Limited trading as Cruise & Maritime Voyages

STA Travel Limited