Travel and tourism is a powerful force for good. It can play a role in preserving nature and wildlife as well as supporting jobs and livelihoods at home and in destinations, and promoting the preservation of culture. 

We also recognise global tourism is not without its challenges. Environmental management in travel and tourism includes tackling climate change and greenhouse gas emissions, water efficiency and resource use and waste, including avoiding single use plastics, reduction of food waste and the circular economy. 

You can find out more about how tourism is tackling climate change below, including action to decarbonise in aviation, cruise, accommodation and food. 

ABTA’s guidance ‘Managing plastics: guidance for travel companies’ support those in the travel industry to monitor, develop and plan their approach to plastic and waste management. It is available free for ABTA Members through the Member Zone. Non-Members can purchase a copy at the ABTA shop.

In addition to providing support to our Members, ABTA is collaborating with the wider industry as a member of the Advisory Committee for the UN’s Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, uniting the tourism sector behind plastic pollution. 

Travelife for Accommodation, which is a subsidiary of ABTA. helps the travel industry manage sustainability in their accommodation supply chain, including climate change, water, waste and biodiversity, as well as human rights, community and governance issues. 

ABTA Members can find support on environmental management in our sustainability resources on the Member Zone.