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ABTA Limited is approved by Government under the Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes (Competent Authorities and Information) Regulation 2015.


We would strongly recommend reading the online FAQs. Please note that our Customer Information Team may take up to 28 days to respond to any queries raised on your case. 

Airlines are not Members of ABTA and if you are having issues with an airline, that you booked with directly, you should contact the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) for more guidance.

Not all travel agents and tour operators are Members of ABTA. You can find out if your tour operator or travel company is an ABTA Member using our search tool here.

If you have an enquiry about a company that is not a member of ABTA, please contact Citizens Advice.

For more information on how to register a dispute with ABTA, you can email us here customerinformation@abta.co.ukPlease note this email address is not monitored and is purely for more information on how to register a dispute