Complaints we can and can’t help with

Please note: following government advice, ABTA has now closed its office and staff are working remotely. This means we currently have no access to any postal service in or out of the building.


We can offer free advice and potential solutions if you have experienced any issues with your holiday. 

Stage 1 of our scheme is approved by Government as a Consumer ADR body under the Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes (Competent Authorities and Information) Regulations 2015.

You will need to check that your complaint relates to an ABTA Member. If the travel company is not a member, we will not be able to help with your complaint.

What can ABTA help me with?

  • Advice on whether the Member is acting in line with their terms and conditions and our Code of Conduct.
  • If you have not yet travelled, we can provide valuable advice and assistance. 
  • Provide information on any current foreign office advice
  • Provide advice and guidance on how to resolve your dispute.
  • We can only deal with complaints submitted in English.

What can’t ABTA help me with?

  • Members can’t be held responsible for the behaviour of other guests. 
  • Civil/ criminal matters between individuals – we can’t get involved in any civil matters that you may have had with other people or individuals. We would advise you to report any matters to the local police and/or seek independent legal advice whilst away.