Before and after travel

Please note: following government advice, ABTA has now closed its office and staff are working remotely. This means we currently have no access to any postal service in or out of the building.

If you’ve booked your travel arrangements with an ABTA Member we may be able to assist with any issues or concerns you have. You will need to liaise with the company before registering with us. Please ensure that you keep details of any conversations or correspondence exchanged.


Before travel

Cases are dealt with in departure date order. If you are not due to travel within 14 days, we aim to respond within 28 days. 

What should I expect from an ABTA Member? 

When booking your holiday through an ABTA Member, you must be given accurate information which is not misleading. The arrangements being booked must be suitable for your needs and you must be provided with all the necessary information in order to make an informed decision.

Why is it important to check my Terms and Conditions?

It is very important that you understand that terms and conditions will apply as soon as you have confirmed your booking, as they form the basis of the contract (whether you have read them or not). 

You should check you have travel insurance in place either before or as soon as you confirm your booking. Too many people assume that the policy will only come into effect at the start of their holiday, this isn’t the case.


After travel

We aim to respond within 28 days of receiving your complaint. 

Have you contacted the company?

You should contact the company you are in contract with, they should reply within 28 days, or provide an explanation for any delay within 28 days.

They may call you to try and resolve the matter, we suggest you keep detailed notes in relation to what was discussed. If you speak to the company by phone, we advise you to follow it up in writing.

If you remain unhappy with their first response, you will need to contact them again giving them a further 28 days to respond. If they do not respond to any correspondence or you are unable to reach a resolution, please register your complaint with us. 

What will I need to register?

Whether you register online or via post, we will need the following documents:

  • Confirmation invoice/ ATOL certificate 
  • All letters/emails relating to your complaint
  • Any phone conversations will need to be documented.