Upcoming events and training

ABTA offers a varied and high-quality events programme, designed to keep the travel industry up to date on important, business-critical issues, with practical guidance and training. Reduced rates are available for ABTA Members and Partners, non Members are welcome to attend.

We are pleased to offer a range of event formats, which include training days and seminars and conferences.


Complaints Handling Training for Travel

ABTA’s popular Complaints Handling Training for Travel will give you the crucial skills to help you deal with complaints effectively, including written and verbal complaint handling techniques.

Claims Handling for Cruise

ABTA's one-day training provides an in-depth look at dealing with breach of contract, accidents, and illness claims, while staying up to date with the latest legal regulations.

Data Protection and Management for Marketing

Join us at ABTA's training day on data protection and management designed specifically for marketeers in the travel industry. Gain essential knowledge on key data protection regulations, compliance strategies, and effective data management practices.

Travel Regulations Conference

ABTA’s annual Travel Regulations conference returns in 2023, providing the chance for ABTA Members and the wider industry to take stock and look ahead to changes expected to the major regulations governing the travel industry.

Travel VAT Training

ABTA’s popular one-day training course offers practical guidance on VAT in travel and a comprehensive update on all travel VAT changes post-Brexit.

Get the latest updates and practical guidance from travel tax specialists.

Consumer Law in the Marketing and Selling of Holidays

ABTA's popular training day has been updated to include the latest consumer protection legislation relevant to the travel industry. This comprehensive event will guide you through existing regulations, demonstrate compliant selling and marketing practices, and provide advice for the advertising and marketing of holidays.

Travel Trends

ABTA’s popular Travel Trends conference returns in November! Attend to gain insight into the latest travel industry trends, popular destinations, customer sentiment and marketing strategies.