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Customer support 

Unfortunately due to an extremely high volume of enquiries relating to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are unable to take customer calls or answer customer questions on social media.

If your enquiry is regarding a holiday booking that has been cancelled or amended due to the pandemic, please see our FAQ’s which are being reviewed and updated regularly.

For and other help, advice and guidance relating to an ABTA Member please go to the Help and Complaints

If you have registered a complaint with us, please note that due to the volume of enquiries we have received throughout the crisis, our response times are taking much longer than usual - we are extremely sorry for this. 

If you wish to discuss a current complaint and have registered it online, please raise a query through your case and we will review it as soon as possible.  

Please be aware, airlines are not Members of ABTA. If you booked your flight directly with an airline, you will need to contact the airline if you are having any issues with receiving a refund.

Not all travel agents and tour operators are Members of ABTA. You can find out if your tour operator or travel company is an ABTA Member using our search tool here.

If you have an enquiry about a company that is not a member of ABTA please contact Citizens Advice.



For travel companies only

If you're a travel agent, tour operator or an ABTA Partner, please sign in to the Member Zone