How ABTA membership sets your business apart

As well as our financial criteria, our Travel with confidence consumer message is rooted in:

  • The standards in the Code of Conduct and 
  • Reassurance for your customers in the event they have a complaint.

The ABTA Code of Conduct sets high standards that all ABTA members must follow. As a member, it means you deliver great service.  

It is a key part of ABTA membership and its aims are:

  • To ensure that the public receives the best possible service from members.
  • To maintain and enhance the reputation, standing and good name of ABTA and its members.

The Code comes with guidance on how to comply with it, and we will advise you to keep you right.

It contains our standards when dealing with customers, for example:

  • Providing accurate information and maintaining truthful advertising
  • Assisting customers with the information they need e.g. on passports and visas
  • Dealing with changes and cancellations correctly e.g. by offering alternatives or refunds
  • Keeping your customers informed if building work will seriously impair their holiday
  • Fair terms of trading
  • Providing the correct travel documents and in good time
  • Finding a speedy solution to disputes.

Our message to customers is look for the logo, as that way they will have the protection of the Code.

Complaint handling and ADR

If something does go wrong, your customers can have peace of mind that, as an ABTA member, you will deal with any complaint well. Under the Code of Conduct, you will reply to complaints in good time. If necessary, your customers can speak to us and we will help them with dispute resolution.

ABTA has an approved ADR scheme, designed to assist you and your customer resolve any issues. We also offer an independent arbitration scheme, which is compulsory on members, and therefore offers customers a guaranteed and simple method of settling a dispute. 

Customers rate this as a key benefit of booking with an ABTA member.