Villa holidays are a great way to spend time with family and friends in your own private haven. Follow our tips and advice to help you have a happy villa holiday and return home safe and sound.

Most villa holidays go ahead without incident, but accidents can sometimes happen. Even minor incidents can spoil your holiday, so follow our tips and advice to help ensure you have a happy holiday and return home safe and sound. 

  • When on holiday, apply the same personal safety rules that you would at home.
  • Airports often attract pickpockets and other criminals so keep your passport, wallet and other valuables in a safe place i.e., not your back pocket!
  • Pickpockets will also often be attracted to areas where they know there are large numbers of holidaymakers, such as popular landmarks and public transport routes to and from airports and train stations, so be vigilant.
  • If you have a car included as part of your holiday or, you are hiring a car, take out comprehensive insurance that covers the driver and all passengers and ask the car hire company about the traffic laws and any specific local rules. 
    • Always wear a seat belt and never drink and drive. 
    • Always carry emergency/breakdown telephone numbers. 
    • Be aware that in some countries traffic isn’t required to stop at pedestrian crossings.
    • Don’t leave valuables or bags on show in the car.
  • On arrival at the villa familiarise yourself with the facilities including safety features, emergency notices and information. If you notice any defects or hazards, report them to the villa owner, your travel provider or their local agent. 
  • Check how the appliances work and ensure they are switched off when you go to bed or leave the villa.
  • If the villa has outdoor cooking facilities such as BBQ’s or clay ovens, make sure they are fully extinguished before disposing of ashes.
  • Accidents can happen at any time on holiday, but more often than not they happen on the first and last day – so keep watch and don’t get distracted when your children are playing around the villa grounds, by the pool, or in the water.
  • A pool is an important part of a villa holiday – look at the pool depths, observe the pool rules and don’t swim at night, or under the influence of alcohol, and please keep a close eye on your children in and around the pool area at all times.
  • If a safe is provided keep any valuables locked away.
  • Always lock doors and windows when the villa is unoccupied and use security alarm system where provided. 
  • Exercise caution when opening the door to a visitor and ask them to identify themselves.
  • Keep accommodation doors locked even when you are inside and keep your keys in an accessible place in case of emergency.
  • When out and about, avoid carrying too much money or wearing excess jewellery and keep valuables, wallets, bags etc. close to you.
  • Avoid poorly lit areas and if possible, never walk home alone.
  • When walking on unpaved or unlit roads during the hours of darkness, use a torch.
  • Be wary of unsolicited offers of help from friendly locals, many may be genuine, others may not and may simply be a way to lure you into a false sense of security.
  • Don’t tag your precise location on social media and remove any automated tagging options on apps you post from. 
  • On your day of departure, you may have to vacate the villa some hours before you return home, keep valuables and belongings with you, do not leave them outside the villa.
  • If you are the victim of a crime, report the matter to your travel provider and the local police immediately. 
  • If you see someone or something that looks suspicious, report it immediately. 
  • In the event of a security incident, follow the advice and instruction of the staff or local authorities. 
  • If you are caught up in a security incident and are not sure what action to take, follow the guidance to ‘Run, Hide, Tell’ which can be applied to many places and situations both at home and overseas. 
Run Hide Tell
  • On your day of departure, you may have to vacate the villa some hours before you return home, keep valuables and belongings with you, do not leave them outside the villa.

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