Balcony safety

When accommodation has a balcony, it is an extension of your room, somewhere you can relax and watch the sunrise, enjoy the views, read a book and watch the sun go down.  However unfortunately each year accidents occur on balconies; this is often as a result of a lapse in concentration or misuse.  

Here are some tips to help you stay safe.

Top tips for balcony safety

  • Be aware that glass in balcony doors can be difficult to see in bright sunlight and at night and very few hotels have “toughened” or safety glass in their windows, doors and panes. 
  • Before closing the door whilst on the balcony, check that there’s a handle on the outside, so you can get back in. 
  • Never lean over, sit, or climb on the balcony wall or railings.
  • Don’t try to pass items to someone on another balcony.
  • Don’t climb from one balcony to another.
  • Never stand on balcony furniture.
  • Never jump into the pool from your balcony.
  • Don’t hang towels and clothes over the balcony façade as you may be tempted to lean over to retrieve items that may fall over the edge. 
  • Take extra care on balconies after drinking alcohol as your judgement may be affected.
  • If you lose your room key, always contact reception, if someone is not on the desk, either call the contact number for the night porter or security, or stay in a friend’s room. No matter what, don’t try and access your room via your balcony. 

Balcony safety for you and your children

A balcony is great for relaxing on and enjoying the view, but sometimes there are hazards that can make it a dangerous place for children.  Follow these tips to help keep you and your children safe:

  • Never leave children unsupervised on balconies.
  • Height and designs of balconies may vary from country to country, so don’t presume they are child (or even adult) friendly. 
  • Keep all balcony furniture away from the balcony wall or railings so that children are not encouraged to climb up them.
  • Don’t leave potential trip hazards on the balcony e.g. toys, buckets and spades etc.
  • Be mindful of any gaps within the balcony structure. It may be possible for children to use these as a climbing frame or slip through the gaps.