Apprenticeships in the travel industry

If you are interested in starting a career in travel, or in broadening your skills as you develop your career, an apprenticeship is a great way to start. Many travel companies offer apprenticeship schemes that include a variety of different routes to choose from. ABTA has worked very closely with People 1st (who are the workforce development charity that represent travel) and a number of our Members and other industry representatives as part of the Travel Consultant Trailblazers Group. This group has developed new professional standards for Travel Consultant Apprentices. The new apprenticeship has an end assessment test, ensuring that every apprentice needs to meet the agreed industry professional standards, no matter where they did their apprenticeship.

The new Travel Consultant Apprenticeship covers both leisure and business travel for the first time. This means that both Leisure Travel and Business Travel employers can offer apprenticeships. The apprenticeship will last between 12-24 months depending on previous qualifications and you will be on an employment contract with an employer who will give you the required on the job training.

Individuals and employers can find out more about the new apprenticeship by contacting People 1st, the workforce development charity that represents travel.

A number of training providers and colleges also offer the travel apprenticeship. The ABTA Partners below can assist you with advice:

A growing number of Members offer apprenticeships in a number of other areas too such as a range of aviation-related apprenticeships, human resources, digital marketing and IT. The range of careers in travel companies can be vast and the range of opportunities is varied.

Whether you are an individual looking for an apprenticeship, or an ABTA Member or Partner wanting to offer an apprenticeship of your own, the Government apprenticeship website has a wealth of information to assist you.

Many ABTA Members recruit apprentices directly through their website and Facebook pages; so do have a look at those. 

Case studies/videos from ABTA Members