Value Tourism

Value Tourism

A manifesto to deliver a sustainable future for UK travel and tourism

In the run up to the General Election, ABTA is highlighting the importance of travel and tourism to the UK economy, and asking MPs to work with the industry to secure a sustainable future.

Titled ‘Value Tourism’, ABTA’s manifesto points out that tourism generated £146bn in revenue within the UK in 2018 and supports more than 3 million jobs across the country. 

ABTA is asking the Government to prioritise three themes in the next Parliament: 

  1. Building confidence in travel, which includes working with the industry to achieve carbon reduction targets, as well as bringing forward a consultation on airline insolvency; 
  2. Securing tomorrow’s travel workforce, which focuses on the need for a liberal, open, immigration regime and to secure a reciprocal deal on posted workers with the EU;  
  3. Ensuring the UK remains competitive by reducing APD in line with EU competitors and supporting high street businesses by considering targeted measures including business rates reform.

ABTA is sending its manifesto to all candidates and will use it as a tool to educate and engage with newly elected MPs from all parties after the election. It can be downloaded below.