ABTA Regional Student Representatives

As part of ABTA’s ongoing work to create meaningful connections between universities and colleges, their students, and the travel industry, ABTA has set up an initiative inviting each of our Education Partners to put forward an “ABTA Regional Student Representative” with a passion for the travel and tourism industry.

Each ABTA Regional Student Representative will have regular contact with ABTA’s Head Office team and be partnered with a local ABTA Member or Partner, allowing them to gain valuable insight into the inner workings of the industry from experienced tourism professionals and act as a key point of contact between their education provider and the travel industry.

As well as receiving training about ABTA and attending ABTA regional meetings to hear about the key issues facing the industry, they will also be tasked with making sure their fellow students are aware of volunteering, placement or employment opportunities with ABTA Members, and that their institution’s career days and guest lecture opportunities are promoted to ABTA Members in their region. 

ABTA Regional Student Representatives will also take part in facilitated discussions about their course content with their local ABTA Member, to build understanding between their university or college and the needs of local travel businesses and to ensure that the skills and knowledge they are developing matches up with the changing needs of the travel sector.

We are immensely grateful to our Education Partners and our ABTA Members for taking the time to mentor so many students. If any ABTA Members are interested in working with students in their region, please contact vwolf@abta.co.uk

Lisa Gorton at Leeds Beckett University talks about the benefits of the ABTA Regional Student Representatives scheme. 



India Lane
India Lane, Lincoln University

India Lane is the ABTA Regional Representative from Lincoln University and is being mentored by Samantha Briggs at Intrepid Travel.

"Hi, I'm India, I am a second year International tourism management student studying at the University of Lincoln. Growing up living abroad and spending much of my childhood travelling the world, I always knew I had a passion for travel and tourism. Being lucky enough to experience such a kaleidoscope of different cultures, practices and perspectives has shaped my understanding of both the tourism industry, and the developing world of travel as we know it. Receiving the opportunity to partner alongside ABTA has provided me with a chance to gain valuable insight, interaction and experience into the industry, which I will carry along with me as my journey into the tourism industry unfolds. I am grateful to be presented with such a unique opportunity, and cannot wait to develop my skills further."

Joshua Griffin
Joshua Griffi, Lincoln University

Joshua Griffin is the ABTA Regional Representative from Lincoln University and is being mentored by Samantha Briggs at Intrepid Travel.

"Hello, my name is Joshua Griffin and I am currently enjoying my second year at the University of Lincoln studying BA (Hons) International Tourism Management. I love travelling to new destinations to see new cultures and take in unique experiences and I have done so since before I can remember. It is only natural then, that I have chosen to pursue a future in the Tourism industry. Since beginning my journey into the Tourism industry I have spent a lot of time researching and learning about ABTA so as an ABTA Student Representative I hope to gain a more in depth understanding of the association and maybe a new perspective on how I look at the Tourism industry. This opportunity will enrich my future career prospects and my character so I look forward to giving it my all with my new professional contacts."

Emma Pugh, Bournemouth University
Emma Pugh, Bournemouth University

Emma Pugh is the ABTA Regional Representative from Bournemouth University and is being mentored by Andrew Baldwin, Carnival Group.

"Hi, I'm Emma Pugh and I am currently in my second year at Bournemouth University studying International Tourism and Hospitality Management. I decided to study tourism and hospitality because I've always had a huge passion for travelling as well as working with people. After college, I spent six years either working in hospitality jobs in the UK saving as much money as possible whilst enjoying my time, or travelling, volunteering, and working abroad in various countries in hopes to see as much of the world as possible. I decided to further my education at university in hopes of progressing to a higher position in a company someday, and am trying to widen my field of knowledge and experience as much as possible, which is why I am so happy and grateful that I have been selected to be mentored by an industry professional in this role as ABTA Student Rep."  

Gemma Meyrick, Cardiff Metropolitan University

Gemma Meyrick is the ABTA Regional Representative for Cardiff Metropolitan University and is being mentored by Laura Tullet,  Hays Travel.

“My name is Gemma and I am in my third year at Cardiff Metropolitan University studying International Tourism management. From a young age, I knew that I loved to travel, and I have always enjoyed visiting new destinations. Although, before University, I had no previous education in tourism. This was intimidating for me to start a new area of study with no previous knowledge. But I was confident that this was the right path for me, and I have enjoyed every moment of my academic journey. I am now so excited and eager to begin a career into the tourism industry. I am thrilled to be one of ABTA’s Regional Student Representatives as I know this opportunity will benefit me to further develop my skills and begin my professional development.”  

Brooke Evans
Brooke Evans, Cardiff Metropolitan University

Brooke Evans is the ABTA Regional Representative for Cardiff Metropolitan University and is being mentored by Laura Tullet, Hays Travel.

“My name is Brooke and I am a third year student of International Tourism Management at Cardiff Metropolitan University. For as long as I can remember I've been fascinated not only by travelling but with the business behind it. I started doing A-levels and that's when I realised, I was missing out on studying something I was passionate about. So, it was then I went to Merthyr Tydfil College to study Travel and Tourism which really opened my eyes to all the opportunities out there within the sector. Being an ABTA representative is one of those opportunities I have been given to develop my skills, gain professional insight and ultimately, benefit my future career."

Lucy Howley
Lucy Howley, University of Derby

Lucy Howley is the ABTA Regional Representative from the University of Derby and is being mentored by Bluebay Travel.  

"I'm Lucy Howley. After studying my Destination management module last semester, it has really sparked my interest in marketing, I've been researching into destination marketing for my research skills module and my interests are marketing, public relations and social media management, specifically for travel companies. I am hoping my module on Niche Tourism will further expand my knowledge on this topic as destination marketing is a strong contender for my dissertation topic."

Ben Mills
Ben Mills, University of Derby

Ben Mills is the ABTA Regional Representative from the University of Derby and is being mentored by Bluebay Travel. 

"I’m Ben Mills and I’m currently in my 2nd year studying International Tourism Management. I find Tourism an interesting space to work in as I didn’t know much about this subject before university. I am really loving the course. I think understanding the issues affecting Tourism and the bigger picture helps our understanding of what needs to be worked on and what needs to be done to fix and sustain the sector. I am interested in the impact of social media on niche tourism. I’m looking into a placement in America in June where I’ll be working for a year and gaining experience in hospitality as well as the cultural differences and where I will gain an understanding of over-tourism in the California area and the way they control it. This focus could give me that extra chance when I’m older to give me the opportunity to go all over the world and work in tourism."

Lola Shaw, Hertford Regional College
Lola Shaw, Hertford Regional College

Lola Shaw is the ABTA Regional Representative from Hertford Regional College and is mentored by Chris Brown, Easyjet Holidays.

"Hi, I’m Lola and I am currently in my second year of college, studying extended level 3 Travel and Tourism diploma at Hertford Regional College, Broxbourne campus. Coming to the end of secondary school, I was unsure what I wanted to do afterwards. My dad, being in the tourism industry, advised me to look at the Travel and Tourism course. I have always enjoyed going to new places, exploring and experiencing different cultures. When I looked at the course, I was very intrigued and it made me want to know more. A few months into my second year, I am so happy I chose to study Travel and Tourism. It is amazing to learn and it gives endless opportunities for the future. I am excited and grateful to be able to work with ABTA as a Student Representative and I can’t wait to widen my knowledge and gain a better insight within the Tourism industry."

Isobel Bolton, Plymouth University

Isobel Bolton is the ABTA Regional Representative for Plymouth University and is being mentored by James Lawrence of ABTA Partner Peregrine Risk Management.

"My name is Isobel Bolton, I am currently in my final year of study on the International Tourism Management (Cruise) Course at the University of Plymouth. I have known that the tourism industry was the area I wanted to build a career since I was 13 years old, travelling on my first cruise. Since this time, I have been engaging in different hospitality and tourism roles both before and alongside my studies to gain experience which I believe is important in this dynamic and multifaceted industry. I am excited to have the opportunity to expand my knowledge of the industry with ABTA and my mentor and also to explore options to develop the early stages of my career as I near the end of my course." 

Gabriela Viziova
Gabriela Viziova, Leeds Beckett University

Gabriela Viziova is the ABTA Regional Representative for Leeds Beckett University and is mentored by Katie Rankin from Jet2/Jet2 Holidays.

"Hello! My name is Gabriela, and I am a final-year student at Leeds Beckett University, studying International Tourism Management and Marketing. Alongside my studies, I am working as a customer service representative for the UK's largest tour operator. The travel industry has always been my passion and I am especially interested in sustainable destination management. My future plans include pursuing further studies in this field and completing a postgraduate program at Leeds Beckett University. I am grateful for the amazing opportunity to become an ABTA student representative. I am excited to be mentored by an industry expert, gain hands-on experience in working on ABTA's sustainability initiatives, and develop a deeper understanding of the challenges and complexities that the industry faces."

Reynolds Boateng, University of Wolverhampton

Reynolds Boateng is the ABTA Student Representative for the University of Wolverhampton and is being mentored by Vicky Shaw from Bluebay Travel.

"My name is Reynolds Boateng, and I am Travel and Tourism Management BA (Hons) student at University of Wolverhampton. Growing up in the Netherlands I studied business management and have had opportunities to travel and do internships abroad including Ireland - Cork, Australia - Sydney.   In Amsterdam and abroad, I have  also been socially involved in diverse community programs such as University of Amsterdam health project - Your Health is Your Wealth, UN youth development program in Austria, youth leader in church. My reward for doing all this caused me to achieve Amsterdam health project coordinator of the year in 2016. 

One of my greatest passion is travel and tourism. I enjoy every moment I travel around to meet new people and learn something new for myself. Due to this, aside of my full-time studies, I run a small travel company and have gained lots of travel experiences working for other travel companies in the UK."

Daniel Perrot
Daniel Perrot, Hertfordshire University

Daniel Perrot is the ABTA Student Representative for Hertfordshire University and is being mentored by Thomas Moss from Easyjet/Easyjet Holidays

'Hello, I'm Daniel, I am currently in my final year studying tourism management at the University of Hertfordshire. I have spent the majority of my life near Gatwick airport and so naturally gravitated towards the travel and tourism industry in both education and interests. Within my years at University I have developed my passion for the tourism industry into a sheer curiosity of the strategies implemented to ensure it runs effectively. This passion and curiosity for tourism has led me to being an ABTA student representative because I believe that ABTA is one of the most vital organisations at the forefront of the UK’s tourism industry. Not only does this generate the chance to work alongside ABTA but it also gives me access to a further appreciation for the inner workings of tourism as an Industry.'

Beth Richards, University of Surrey
Beth Richards, University of Surrey

Beth Richards Is the ABTA Student Representative from the University of Surrey and is being mentored by Nicola Sadowski from Kuoni.

"Hi, my name is Beth Richards and I’m in my second year of studying International Tourism Management at the University of Surrey. Alongside a love of travel, I first became interested in tourism whilst studying A Level Geography, with the Lake District at my backdoor I was able to apply concepts such as sustainability and development to specific tourism contexts, and my passion has only intensified during university. I have often been asked “Why tourism?” and I truly just love the industry’s drive to succeed. In my career, I hope to use tourism as a force for good and as a leader in sustainable development. As an ABTA Student Representative, I am excited and grateful for the opportunity to learn from such an influential travel association, and I am looking forward to working with my mentor and to gain a better understanding of tourism from an industry perspective."