09 Mar

Celebrating careers in travel

We’ve taken the opportunity of National Careers Week (6 – 11 March) to celebrate the great opportunities on offer in the travel industry. Recruiting and retaining staff has been one of the biggest challenges facing the travel industry since travel reopened last year. Far too many good people left our industry during the pandemic and we know members have faced a real battle to replace them.

ABTA has been supporting members to address this challenge including through our #BePartofTravel campaign, among other initiatives. The latest phase of the campaign was launched this week with a new video featuring ABTA members talking about why the travel industry is such a great place to work. The opportunities to travel, culture and career development are among the top reasons people in the video highlight as why to join the sector. Thank you to those members featured in the video.

The video will be advertised on LinkedIn and shared on ABTA’s social channels. You can find out more about the video and campaign here. We’re encouraging members to share the video and ABTA’s other campaign assets to support their own recruitment drives, these materials can be found in the MemberZone.

We’ve also had the chance, through International Women’s Day (8 March), to celebrate women working in the travel industry; we have very talented and hard-working female professionals within the travel industry and indeed, here at ABTA.
ABTA’s very own Director of Industry Relations, Susan Deer ,and Director of Membership and Financial Protection, Rachel Jordan, have both been included in the 2023 Women in Trade Associations Powerlist – a well-deserved recognition of the work they do to support members. You can read more about Susan and Rachel’s work on behalf of members here

Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive