This pack is for ABTA Members and campaign partners to use across business social media channels. 

Top tips and ideas for posting to social media on the day

  1. Use the hashtags - #speakupfortravel and/or #traveldayofaction in your posts
  2. Post regularly– share a good handful of the social posts in this pack throughout the day. Retweet and share as many as your colleagues’ posts as possible to get more reach and social activity on the day.
  3. Share photos of you supporting the day, including any virtual or face-to-face meetings with your MP, or in your shop/business premises. 
  4. Tell your story – share posts or videos explaining the impact the pandemic has had on your business.
  5. Change your social media banners and profile pictures to an image from the action day assets.
  6. Tag your colleagues into your posts and ask them what they are doing to support the day – that will help keep the conversation going on social.
  7. Join the Twitterstorm at 2pm
  8. Make sure you have all your community Twitter tags (including your local MP’s) and social assets are saved in one place so you can easily access them on your mobile if you’re out and about. Be aware - many MPs have false accounts – so make sure you have the correct one so they see your posts!
  9. Add your logo to the social media assets – you can do this by using Canva – it’s a free tool and easy to use on your phone and desktop. Prepare it ahead of the day. 

Social media and digital resources

Download the assets here

Everything in this link is also in Google drive so you can access the info on your mobile phone if needed.

Twitterstorm @2:00pm – 23 June 2021
One single twitterstorm post

Let’s build on the great progress of the vaccination rollout and safely open up travel this summer @borisjohnson. Jobs and livelihoods depend on it. People are desperate to see friends/family overseas, make business connections & have a break #speakupfortravel #traveldayofaction

Messages and graphics for ABTA Members and partners 
Messages outlining industry asks. Accompany with chosen graphic (graphics can be edited to include individual logo/s).

  Message - copy and paste into a tweet Hashtags/Handles
1 Hundreds of thousands of jobs lost and zero income for 18 months. The travel industry has been the worst affected sector by the pandemic. The necessary tailored financial support from government is long overdue. #speakupfortravel #traveldayofaction #speakupfortravel #traveldayofaction
The travel industry is calling on the Govt to implement the #trafficlight system as intended so travel can resume properly this summer and offer a package of tailored financial support to help businesses through the crisis. #traveldayofaction #speakupfortravel #traveldayofaction #speakupfortravel
3 .@Grantshapps Govt needs to allow travel to safely return this summer by properly implementing the #trafficlight system, expanding the #greenlist & capitalising on the vaccine rollout. Other European countries have opened, and the UK is falling behind #speakupfortravel @Grantshapps
#traveldayofaction #speakupfortravel

Livelihoods are on the line - we need @RishiSunak to bring forward a package of tailored financial support including extending furlough to help protect jobs and businesses in the travel industry. #traveldayofaction #speakupfortravel

#traveldayofaction #speakupfortravel
5 In normal times the outbound travel sector generates £bns of spending in the UK and employs 100s of thousands of people but has been the hardest hit by the pandemic. #speakupfortravel as jobs, businesses and livelihoods are at risk. #traveldayofaction  #traveldayofaction #speakupfortravel
6 Travel plays a vital role in everyone’s lives – bringing families and friends together, connecting businesses and offering hardworking people a well-deserved break. @Grantshapps Govt needs to allow international travel to return safely this summer #speakupfortravel @Grantshapps
7 Our world class cities are losing out on £28.4bn spending from overseas visitors – inbound travel for business and holidays is a huge contributor to the UK economy. Govt needs to allow the safe return of travel this summer #speakupfortravel  #speakupfortravel 
8 Travel can be safely reopened using the Government’s framework - other European countries have done this. The UK is falling behind, we cannot lose these vital links for the UK’s citizens, businesses and the economy as a whole #speakupfortravel  #speakupfortravel
9 I am passionate about working in the travel industry and today I want to #speakupfortravel and show my support. #traveldayofaction 

#traveldayofaction #speakupfortravel

10 Govt needs to capitalise on the great progress made by the UK’s vaccination rollout by allowing vaccinated people to travel to low risk countries this summer without the need to test or quarantine. This will get the travel industry moving & boost the UK economy #speakupfortravel   




Messages and graphics for ABTA Member travel businesses
Travel businesses to personalise the message with the stats appropriate for them. Accompany with chosen graphic.

  Message - copy and paste into a tweet Hashtags/Handles
1 The pandemic has thrown us all off course, but cruising is yet to set sail for recovery. We’re calling in the Govt to safely reopen travel in a risk managed way and give us proper, tailored financial support so we can stay afloat this summer. #speakupfortravel #traveldayofaction 
2 Our debts are sky-high because of the pandemic – we need sector specific support and for the government to safely reopen travel this summer, otherwise jobs and businesses will be lost.  #speakupfortravel #traveldayofaction 
3 Plane and simple. Get the travel industry going this the summer by properly implementing the Global Travel Taskforce’s #trafficlight system and give sector specific support to avoid thousands more job losses.  #speakupfortravel


Messages and graphics for ABTA Member travel agencies / partner travel agencies
Travel agents to personalise the message with the stats appropriate for them. Accompany with chosen graphic.

  Message - copy and paste into a tweet Hashtags/Handles
  My livelihood depends on the travel industry. My business is XX y/old, I employ XX people & my customers love the holidays we create. If travel doesn’t reopen with a properly implemented traffic light system soon & we don’t get the financial support we need, we may not survive. #traveldayofaction #standupfortravel #traveldayofaction #standupfortravel
  I need  [Tag @yourlocal MP] to #SpeakupforTravel today by supporting a safe return to international travel in time for the peak summer period.  #traveldayofaction
  I am attending the #traveldayofaction. The government has not listened for our calls for tailored support @RishiSunak. My business has had zero income for 18 months, but the support from government has been woeful. #speakupfortravel #traveldayofaction
  My #travel business is at breaking point. Govt has heavily restricted travel but provided minimal support to help us through the crisis. With little to no money coming in – how can I cover the rising furlough and business rate costs? #speakupfortravel and support businesses now. 
#traveldayofaction #Speakupfortravel
@borisjohnson @Rishisunak @Grantshapps



How to approach and engage regional media

As the eyes and ears of our local communities, regional media are a powerful way to get the attention on the issues that matter most to you. 

As part of the Travel Day of Action, we’ve developed a template press release you can use and a guide to help you reach out to your local newspapers, magazines and radio stations. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to approach and engage regional media:

1.    A little bit of research 
If you are familiar with your local media and already have the editor’s contact at your fingertips, you can skip this step. Otherwise, start with a little research. All regional newspapers have a digital presence too, so you may search online to see which outlets, writers, editors and broadcasters are covering news in your area. Get their contact information. If this isn’t on their website, you can harness the power of social media by contacting them there. 

2.    The best approach
Media professionals will have their own preference as to how they like to be contacted, but usually it’s best to start by sending a short e-mail with a clear intro and your press release copied and pasted into the body of the email and then follow with a friendly phone call. 

3.    How to engage
Journalists are always busy, so go straight to the point: in one short sentence, say who you are, explain to them where your business is located and what your story is. Then explain how the travel restrictions have impacted your business and your own circumstances by giving them figures and facts, and personal examples. Explain what you need to see from your MP to help your business in this crisis and why it is relevant to the local community right now. 

4.    What you can offer them

If you are attending any of the Travel Day of Action events in London, Edinburgh or Belfast, why not offer to send them a photo of you there? If you are hosting your MP in your store or elsewhere, then you could send your regional journalist a photograph or invite them along to take some photographs, if your MP agrees with it.

You can also send them a good quality photograph of yourself in your shop, or standing in front of it.

Journalists will be interested in statistics, facts and figures. Have information to hand about how your company and the industry have been impacted, but also notes on why your business is invaluable to the community (e.g. ‘We’ve been Liverpool’s trusted high street travel agents for 30 years and have organised over 1 million trips for the community’). 

Offer to do a radio or TV interview or invite them to your shop to record something from there. If you are travelling to one of the events, then perhaps you can suggest to do an interview with them either live or pre-recorded from the event.

5.    Follow up
Sometimes a journalist is not interested in a story, but there are other times when they had other priorities when your e-mail landed in their inbox or when you rang. So unless they told you your story isn’t for them, that does not mean you won’t pique their interest a day or so later. You may follow up and ask if there is anything they need from you to run the story. Let them know your contact details and if they come back to you with questions, respond as quickly as possible. If you can’t respond instantly, ask them what their deadline is and stick to it. News stories usually have a very short turnaround and you want to seize the opportunity.