Travel requirements to check before travelling abroad

Before leaving the UK, you will need to check the Government’s latest advice for the country, or countries, you would like to visit at

This advice is provided by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) and includes important information such as:

  • Any advice against travel to a particular country or region.
  • Details of any entry requirements, including those relating to COVID-19 e.g. proof of vaccination and/or a negative test, as well as rules around passport validity and visas.
  • Advice on health, including the latest measures to manage COVID-19 at your destination e.g. the requirement to wear a face covering, and links to TravelHealthPro for recommended travel vaccinations and general health advice.
  • Guidance on safety and security, as well as information about local laws and customs, such as advice on what to wear when visiting a religious tourist attraction.

You’ll need to check this information regularly before your trip and it’s a good idea to sign up to country specific email alerts so you’re across any important updates.

You can also read guidance from the Government about travelling overseas during the pandemic at the Coronavirus travel guidance page and find more information about staying safe abroad at the FCDO’s Travel Aware page.

Useful information

How to show proof of vaccination / get a test for travel

For more information about how to show proof of vaccination and which tests you need for your holiday, visit our blog: How do I show proof of vaccination or get a COVID-19 test for my holiday?