Supplier code of conduct supporting local communities

Evaneos has put in place a code of conduct to ensure that each supplier supports local communities including giving preference to venues and suppliers who provide a tangible benefit to the local community; and protects the environment. Here are a couple of examples in practice.


One of their suppliers in Peru developed rural community tourism experiences in partnership with local communities in northern Peru, a region typically forgotten by tourists. They hired an intern as part of their Master’s degree in tourism and development to spend three months living in two communities to understand how tourism can benefit these areas. Through organised community trainings and role-playing to practice skills like hygiene and how to communicate with foreigners, they were able to define a portfolio of unique homestays and workshops including activities such as weaving, cheese making and coffee making.

This programme has helped provide economic opportunities for the local community, tackle over-tourism in popular hot spots as well as deliver extraordinary experiences for their travellers. In 2018 these products generated $2,500 USD for the villages, and  earn over $5,000 in 2019. This income is shared by the whole community.


In India, Evaneos work with a 100% woman-owned agency that trains marginalised women and transgender individuals to become guides and drivers. Today 20% of their guides and drivers are women and they are training more each year. Only 1.5% of people with disabilities find jobs in India; for women this is even lower. In their wellness retreat they train blind women as massage experts. Guests leave their spa days and their spice market tours with insight into India’s cultural stories told from a rarely-heard point-of-view.