15 May

Your Year at ABTA

Members should have received a copy of “Your Year at ABTA” this past week, which provides a snapshot of the activity that ABTA has conducted on behalf of our Members over the last twelve months.

It has been an exceptionally busy time for regulatory change affecting the travel industry, on a range of subjects including package travel reform, data protection and consumer rights. The last 12 months have shown how important it is to have a strong voice representing the industry, and we have focused very considerable efforts on representing Members’ views among decision-makers in Westminster, Whitehall and Brussels; as well as providing accurate and timely guidance and information to Members as these changes have been unveiled. This has required a huge effort involving teams from across the organisation and it will continue to be a priority for us moving forward.

Many of you will also be aware that ABTA has made it a priority to tackle the increasing problem of fake holiday sickness claims. We launched our consumer-facing Stop Sickness Scams campaign last summer, with the support of ABTA Members, to highlight the issue through national and social media and as a result of this work, we are beginning to see real progress on this important issue.

In addition to Stop Sickness Scams, ABTA runs a range of campaigns designed to show consumers and business travellers why booking with an ABTA Member is important. The impact of our customer campaigns is measured through the annual ABTA consumer survey and also through our survey among buyers of business travel. This year, we increased consumer recognition of the logo to 74% with notable increases in people positively associating ABTA with values such as reassurance, quality, safety and expertise – incredibly encouraging news.

We have continued to improve and increase our face-to-face engagement with Members, as well as providing more learning and training opportunities. Our programme of events now consists of a combination of free and paid-for events, all developed in the interests of supporting Members. We have also significantly increased the range and scope of our conferences and events programme following feedback from Members.

Finally, “Your Year at ABTA” offers a reminder of the range of ongoing benefits and services that are available to you as a Member of ABTA. More information on these services, as well as other useful information to support your business, can be found in the dedicated Member Zone of our website.

Download Your Year at ABTA

Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive