14 Feb

What will the new Package Travel Regulations mean for your travel agency business?

With the new Package Travel Regulations due to be published after Easter, ABTA is delighted to announce a new practical seminar – A Travel Agent’s Guide to the Package Travel Regulations. 

The seminar will take place on 1 May 2018 in Central Birmingham. It will help travel agency businesses to understand what the regulations mean for them, what steps they need to take and how their liabilities will change. 
Speakers from ABTA, CAA, law firm Travlaw and the travel industry will provide practical guidance on key issues including: 

  • Updating your contracts and terms and conditions 
  • Reviewing financial protection arrangements 
  • Reviewing liability insurance
  • Adapting your IT systems
  • Communicating the new protections to customers.

ABTA will offer a range of support for Members on the new Package Travel Regulations, via guidance notes, free-to-attend webinars and regional meetings. This one day seminar is for travel agents who feel they would benefit from more in-depth guidance. 

For more information about the seminar and to register your place visit abta.com/events.