18 Oct

What picture is being painted by the latest travel trends?

By Graeme Buck, Director of Communications, ABTA

This year’s Travel Trends conference from ABTA boasts a different venue to the norm – the history, splendour and culture of The National Gallery in London.

It prompted me, as moderator for the event on 17 November, to look at how this unique venue correlates to the world of travel and tourism.

When looking at some of the gallery’s tremendous paintings online, I was struck by how it has a ‘Picture of the Month’, voted for by the public.

At a rough count, just over half of the winning paintings were of scenery, views, landscapes or places of interest, whether overseas or in the UK. As travel brings us these experiences in real life today, so art through the past few centuries brought them to the people as paintings. 

In today’s world, our fascination with seeing beautiful, new places remains undimmed. At Travel Trends, we’ll be taking a detailed look at consumers in 2022 going into 2023, what’s motivating them in their holiday purchases, what’s influencing their current plans, and how organisations can best market their products, services or destinations with real impact. 

If you’ll excuse the pun, we’ll be looking at the art of reaching the consumer – but we’ll also be looking at the science of doing so, with an understanding of the latest data.

This will include ABTA’s own annual ‘Travel Trends’ report, to be unveiled at the conference and looking at the main developments set to shape our holidays in 2023.

It promises to be an unmissable event.  Graeme Buck will be joined by a range of expert speakers, including:

  • Tom Marchant, Co-founder, Black Tomato
  • Anthony Rawlins, Chief Executive Officer, Navigate
  • Kasia Morgan, Group Head of Sustainability, Exodus
  • Lisa McAuley, Managing Director, Silver Travel Advisor
  • Suzanne Korff, Director of Marketing & Communications, Princess Cruises UK & Europe
  • Pete Brudenell, General Manager, CV Villas
  • Yvonne Hobden, Head of Marketing, Flight Centre Travel Group
  • Lisa Fitzell, Managing Director, Elegant Resorts
  • Claire Stanley-Manock, Paid Media Director, connective3
  • Jasman Ahmad, Strategy Director, Accord
  • Jules Ugo, Chief Executive Officer, Lotus
  • Eleni Skarveli, Director, Greek National Tourism Organisation
  • Rhea Saran, Global Head of Brand & Content, Travelzoo
  • Hayley Fox, Head of Insight Innovation, Global, the Media & Entertainment Group 
  • Nicola Brooks, Client Development Director, Travel, Global, the Media & Entertainment Group 
  • Matt Keating, Director of Client Partnerships, UK & NL, VDX.TV

ABTA’s Travel Trends conference will be held on 17 November from 09:30 to 16:25, followed by networking drinks.

View the full agenda and register.