05 Sep

Welcome legislation allays no-deal Brexit concerns for flights

Our industry had some welcome news relating to Brexit yesterday to allay no-deal concerns over flights. Following lobbying by ABTA with EU destination countries, the European Commission has extended the deadline to 24 October 2020 in their unilateral contingency legislation. Importantly, this means that UK airlines will still be able to operate flights between the UK and EU over next summer’s peak season.

Under the previous legislation the deadline for this contingency was set for March 2020, but this extension will now allow customers to book their travel arrangements further in advance in the confidence that there will be no disruption specifically to flight schedules.  

While there are clearly other serious issues still to be resolved surrounding Brexit, we are encouraged that the European Commission has extended the deadline for this legislation, which was originally passed as a contingency measure in the event of a no-deal scenario.

More widely, the Government launched its “Get ready for Brexit” consumer advertising campaign at the weekend, and we’re expecting more updates from government departments on this in coming weeks.  

The most up to date advice for Members’ customers looking to travel before or after 31 October is available at abta.com/brexit, which Members should be familiar with. And as part of our planning, in the run up to 31 October we will be ramping up communications activities provide the travelling public with the information that they need in order to travel with confidence. We will share updates on these communications activities with Members. 

ABTA will continue to lobby the UK Government, EU officials and destinations governments on issues relating to Brexit that are impacting the industry. In the meantime our overall Brexit advice to Members remains to continue with your contingency preparations for the possibility of no-deal. 

Regardless of the current political gyrations, the no-deal scenario cannot be firmly ruled out at this stage.

Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive