01 Oct

The value of ABTA membership

One of the key advantages of being an ABTA Member is that you are associated with a widely recognised and trusted brand and we know from talking to Members that, together with the advice and support provided by ABTA staff, it is one of the things you most value about your membership. So, it is very important that we regularly assess what the public feels about the ABTA logo, especially with last year’s launch of the Travel with Confidence logo; do they still value and look for the ABTA logo when deciding who to book with and what does it mean to them? Our latest consumer survey came back with some positive findings, with 73% of consumers saying they feel more confident booking a holiday with a company that is an ABTA Member and more than half of consumers (56%), saying that seeing the ABTA logo increases the likelihood of booking with a company. Significantly, over half (56%) of respondents said they would potentially spend up to £25 more to book with an ABTA Member and three quarters (78%) said they would potentially spend up to £10 more. These are very clear indications of the value of the ABTA logo to your business. We will be continuing to promote the value of ABTA to the public with an advertising campaign planned at the end of the year to raise awareness of ABTA and highlight our offer to your customers.

Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive