16 Apr

Updated guidance for Members and Customers

Whilst we continue to wait for the Government to provide more guidance and support from its side, ABTA has now updated its guidance for both Members and customers on holiday amendments and refunds for cancelled package holidays. 

Last week, ABTA updated its guidance for Members on refund protection and Refund Credit Notes. This guidance sets out standardised rules for Refund Credit Notes to ensure that travellers are protected, particularly around insolvency. The guidance makes it clear what information should be included in a Refund Credit Note. It also reiterates that Refund Credit Notes are not the same as vouchers, which do not come with financial protection. The guidance is available on the Member zone of ABTA’s website, abta.com.

It is vitally important that all Members read and familiarise themselves with the guidance and adhere to the rules set out within it. This will really help to prevent confusion and provide reassurance to customers.

The measures we are taking are designed to help Members and their customers through this crisis and we have developed more detailed information for customers too. 

Available on our website from today, it includes explanations on why delays to refunds for package holidays may be occurring, what we’re asking the Government to do and what a Refund Credit Note is. There is also a useful FAQ that is designed to answer the many questions that concerned customers may have, whose holidays have been affected because of this crisis.

Please take a look and share this information with your staff to use in their conversations with customers.

Along with our ongoing media work, early next week we will proactively communicate these messages further with consumers and commentators by publishing an open letter from me that provides some context to the current situation. 

Meanwhile, the ‘Save Future Travel’ campaign has continued to gather industry support and MPs have been inundated with letters from concerned supporters with nearly 24,000 being sent in the week since its launch. I would like to give my thanks to those that have already taken part and stress the importance of keeping up the momentum. For those who have not yet visited the website - savefuturetravel.co.uk - please do and encourage others to as well so our voice is heard. Many Members have pledged their individual support and also that of their company with dozens of firms now listed as supporters, which is vital for audiences to see - we must be seen to stand together.

Many other countries in Europe have taken similar action to the proposals we’ve made and we have been contacted by a number of MPs about the campaign, so we know our message is getting across. If you have received a reply please share this with us at savefuturetravel@abta.co.uk.

Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive

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