09 Feb

Travel marks National Apprenticeships Week

Post-pandemic recruitment and retention of staff has proved a real challenge for our industry. With this week being National Apprenticeship Week it’s a good a chance to recognise how apprenticeships can help to address some of the industry’s workforce gap by offering an access point into travel. 

Apprenticeships are an extremely valuable and, at times, underused resource. They are also not only open to companies in England or those that pay the Apprenticeship Levy as some believe.

This year’s theme is “Skills for Life”, emphasising how apprenticeships can help individuals develop the skills and knowledge required for a rewarding career as well as helping businesses grow a talented workforce equipped with skills for the future. 

Supporting apprenticeships in travel is an important part of our work around education and careers. ABTA, along with a number of ABTA members, sits on the Aviation Industry Skills Board which focuses on developing apprenticeships and skills for the aviation sector and the wider travel industry. We also helped to develop the travel consultant apprenticeship scheme as well reviewing the National Occupational Standards for Travel qualifications which underpin vocational training for the sector. These need to be regularly reviewed in order to ensure they stay up to date and fit for purpose and ABTA and a number of ABTA members always participate in these reviews.

ABTA has a number of useful resources for ABTA members and Partners to learn more about apprenticeships and working in travel which can be found here

Vicki Wolf, our Head of Education and Careers Development, is always happy to discuss apprenticeships and other training and resources with members. We also have resources which members can use to help promote the industry as an attractive place to work and support your recruitment drives. You can access them here.