28 Nov

Travel insurance warning

Our industry is very dependent on the weather and at this time of year snow fall or the lack of it, can make the difference between a good or indifferent start to the season. So it is great news that heavy snow has fallen in the Alps over recent weeks creating excellent conditions in Austria, Switzerland and France and across the Atlantic, resorts in Canada and the USA are also reporting ideal conditions. While this is great news for sales, it’s important to make sure customers are well prepared for their trips so that they enjoy them to the full. Worryingly, recent ABTA research found growing numbers of skiers and snowboarders travelling without adequate winter sports insurance. Winter sports inevitably entail some level of risk with the cost of being helicoptered from the slopes and subsequent medical bills potentially running into the thousands, so it is very important that consumers have the correct cover. The travel insurance industry is highly regulated, which makes it harder to ensure customers have the right protection but you can still provide valuable advice. If you are unsure of what you can advise customers please refer to our guidance note on travel insurance in the Member Zone.

Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive