04 Mar

Travel Essentials – event round-up

Launched in 2012, the Travel Essentials event was initially a one day workshop that focused on what to do in a crisis or emergency. Due to its popularity, this year's event was extended into a two-day programme covering both crises and health and safety management.

Sponsored by Parabis Group, the event was tailored for non-experts who have crisis and health and safety within their responsibilities. Members of all sizes and specialisms attended and those who were there shared their experiences, as well as learnt from our industry experts.
Delegates were able to take all knowledge and understanding
away and will now look at how to apply it back to their

It was an interactive event with a variety of practical exercises running throughout. The main message from day one was that all types of company, regardless of size or experience can put together a crisis management plan. This should be a live document which is reviewed, refreshed, trained in and tested on a regular basis. Having this plan in place will enable companies to react quickly if a crisis affects them and their customers. Representatives from the FCO were on hand to explain the assistance they can provide, which includes offering destination information through their travel advice and consular support. Many Members were surprised to learn of the assistance and support ABTA can provide them and how gaining insight into critical business advice and guidance can be as simple as signing up to ABTA’s operational bulletins.

On day two Members were encouraged to get back to basics and evaluate their business activities. This helps to pinpoint key risks and starts to inform an effective health and safety approach. Members were led through the subjects of management responsibilities, the resources available and which safety management systems to consider. External support is also available with ABTA’s Travel Industry Partners and from ABTA itself.

At the end of each day delegates received the ABTA guidance documents, which give vital assistance in reviewing and developing crisis and health and safety policies.

Members were also encouraged to sign up for the ABTA operational bulletins to ensure they are fully up to date with world events as well as health and safety matters affecting the industry.

Nikki White, Head of Destinations and Sustainability said: “it was very encouraging to see Members tackling what can appear difficult subjects. The feedback demonstrated that it doesn’t matter if you are an expert or not in these matters, there’s information and guidance to get you started and ahead of the game.”

Claire Mulligan, Partner, Plexus Law said: “Once again Parabis companies Plexus Law and Argent Health & Safety were delighted to sponsor the ABTA Travel Essentials event on 26 and 27 Feb.  The popularity of this event continues to grow as the challenges facing the marketplace seem to ever broaden.  The diverse range of presentations and questions they generated just shows the thirst for best practice and places the Travel Essentials programme of events at the forefront of meeting these needs”.

The Travel Essential event is part of ABTA’s ongoing programme of training events, visit the Events and Training section to find out about future events.

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