30 Oct

Travel with confidence

Displaying the ABTA logo and being able to tell customers that you uphold the values that the logo represents, is one of the main reasons Members join ABTA. The ABTA logo sends a strong message to your customers that you are a trusted and reliable travel business; this week we are excited to reinforce that message with the launch of a new logo and strapline: “Travel with confidence”. “Travel with confidence” exemplifies the package of support, protection and expertise that you are choosing to give your customers by being a Member of ABTA, whether it is by adhering to our Code of Conduct, giving access to our customer helpline, or through our work together to improve standards across the industry. It is about giving consumers a powerful message about why they should choose you, or why they have made a good choice already.

ABTA will launch a national media campaign in the New Year to promote the new strapline and encourage holidaymakers to book with an ABTA Member. Just as importantly, we want you to tell your customers why you are an ABTA Member. The ABTA brand is as much about the values ABTA represents as it is about the individual businesses that uphold them.  We want you to start using the strapline in your own promotions and we’ve got some great opportunities for you to do this. Over the coming week, you will receive a toolkit with all the information you need about the new strapline and logo, and how to use them. We have also created new marketing materials, including a leaflet and video that clearly and simply explain the benefits of your ABTA Membership to customers.

I hope you will share our excitement and enthusiasm for promoting the benefits of ABTA Membership with all our customers.

Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive