01 Jul

Top tips for the future

What does the future have in store for us? Floods, drought, plague, famine, taxation, war? Or is it all business as usual? Since last year’s Travel Convention when the Prince of Wales addressed the Travel Convention with his support for Tourism 2023, ABTA along with industry partners has been thinking deeply about the kind of future the world and our industry will face over the next 15 years.

James Goodman, Head of Futures, Forum for the Future will lead an enlightening session at the Travel Convention in Barcelona in October this year which will give you top tips and provide you information on what you can do to prepare for and thrive in an uncertain future.

The study, funded by ABTA, TUI Travel, Thomas Cook, DEFRA, The Co-operative Travel, British Airways, P&O/Carnival and The Travel Foundation has led the Forum for the Future to devise some very plausible scenarios and James will showcase the four most likely futures that the travel industry will be faced with in 2023.

Keith Richards, ABTA’s Head of Business Development and Consumer Affairs said “In a short time we’ve moved from talking about the future to really understanding what threats and opportunities it holds. The Convention will see these future scenarios really brought to life so the industry can really start to plan for its business success over the coming decade and beyond.”

The session will also include the thoughts of some of the industry’s leaders about how to ensure that travel businesses are fit for the future.

To book for the Travel Convention, visit www.thetravelconvention.com.