25 Nov

Three resolutions passed at ABTA General Meeting

Three proposed changes to ABTA’s Articles of Association were passed today at a General Meeting (GM) held at ABTA’s offices at 30 Park Street. The resolutions successfully achieved the required voting levels from ABTA Members who attended either in person or voted by proxy.

The first resolution allows the Board to authorise any actual or potential conflicts of interest arising where this is in the best interests of the Membership.  This aims to simplify the process for authorising conflicts of interest which would otherwise have to be referred to the Membership at a General Meeting.

 The second resolution updates various provisions in the Articles of Association in line with current company law practice. 

The third resolution allows the Board to elect a Chair to the Board from amongst its own membership. This aims to maintain the effective and efficient operation of the Board by ensuring that it is chaired by a person who has the full support and confidence of the Board and who meets the criteria for the Chairman of ABTA as laid down by the Board from time to time.

A fourth resolution to remove the territorial restriction on membership of ABTA narrowly failed to achieve the 75% approval rating required for it to be passed. The resolution was intended to remove the territorial restriction on membership of ABTA. This aimed to allow ABTA the flexibility to pursue the increasing interest in its services from travel companies based outside of the UK and, in future, potentially develop its business further to offer services to companies who do not actively carry on business within the UK. ABTA will continue to keep the situation under review.