01 Mar

Statement: Extreme UK weather travel conditions

Due to the extreme weather conditions being experienced throughout the UK many flights have been delayed or cancelled. Customers due to fly in the next few days should check with their airline and travel provider as to the status of their flight and holiday arrangements before travelling to the airport. If their flight has been cancelled their airline will provide them options to rebook or get a refund for the cost of their flight. Customers who are on package holidays whose flights are delayed or cancelled need to check with the travel provider regarding changes to their holiday arrangements. Customers whose flights are still going should allow extra time to get to the airport, check with the status of public transport or road networks if driving. If the flight is going and customers are unable to get to the airport, due to the adverse weather conditions, they should notify the airline or tour operator immediately to seek assistance. Some airlines may offer rebooking options, but this is not guaranteed.
Customers who are overseas and whose flight arrangements are delayed or cancelled, should liaise with their tour operator or airline regarding changes to their travel itineraries and new flight arrangements.
If their flight is in the European Union or their airline is an EU carrier, customers will be entitled to food, refreshment and overnight accommodation or a refund of proportionate costs and will be flown home as soon as is possible at their airline’s expense.