26 Mar

Self regulation works – ABTA complimented by OFT

The Office of Fair Trading has commended ABTA over the joint work the two organisations carried out to ensure companies included non optional charges in headline pricing. The OFT has stringent powers in relation to enforcing regulation but with ABTA’s full co-operation this misleading practice was stamped out with ABTA taking the lead with its own members and the OFT with all other travel companies.

ABTA has always stressed that self-regulation is by far the least onerous route for its members, avoiding excessive bureaucracy and potentially excessive penalties. The OFT highlighted this joint initiative in its publication “Business leadership in consumer protection”* as an example of effective co-operation and a model for future initiatives with other associations or similar bodies.

Simon Bunce ABTA Head of Legal Services said “ABTA’s regulatory role is fundamental to its members’ credibility.  By working closely with the OFT our intention was to enhance this credibility and to ensure that a successful outcome was assured in a sensitive and appropriate fashion.”

* “Business leadership in consumer protection” Published March 2009 OFT 1058