15 Jan

Savvy family holiday booking tips for 2020

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You’ve had your first pay cheque of 2020 and you’re ready to book a holiday? This blog gives you the top family holiday booking tips for 2020, including where to go, how to find a good deal and how to pack to save the pennies too. 

Use social and live chat services
When you start researching for a holiday, you may come across a hundred and one travel deals as well as pictures of friends and family sharing updates on social media. Be savvy, save time and pass your shortlist of ideas to a travel professional who can do the leg work for you.

Use your social channels to connect with a travel professional to find out more information. Many travel companies now communicate with customers on their private messenger accounts and live chat services, so it’s easier for customers to get in touch. 

It’s best to connect with your local travel agent as well, that way if you want to speak to them face-to-face, you can easily pop into their store. Having a face-to-face contact may help you find a better travel experience that’s catered for your needs as well.

Find a good value break to Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia in 2020
Whilst Spain is still the number one destination for Brits, bookings to Turkey, Tunisia, Bulgaria and Egypt were all significantly up last summer, suggesting some Brits who may have enjoyed several years of holidaying in the Western Med are branching out to other destinations. So, look out for great deals to these Eastern and North African resorts for Summer 2020.

Find a good value package holiday
Package holidays are very popular amongst British holidaymakers because they consistently offer great value for money, and savvy families will know this already. ABTA’s Holiday Habits 2019 research found 50% of families with children aged over five years old found package holidays offered the best value for money. 

A package holiday means you can ensure you have everything taken care of before you leave and whilst you’re away, meaning you can just relax and enjoy the holiday. So, ask your travel company what kind of package they can offer you such as the ability to personalise or even design a completely tailor-made experience.

Book early 
The number one reason to book early is to find a better deal and to find a cheaper price on a holiday. ABTA has lots of tips for booking early here, including free child places, low deposits and lots of choice.

Don’t overstretch yourself
Many travel professionals will advise it’s best to create a quality experience, rather than cramming lots of experiences in. That way you can spend more on a higher-end experience such as a room upgrade or transfer service. Remember a holiday is a time to relax as well, so spend on what will bring you most value. 

Go all-inclusive to help you save money abroad
If you want all expenses paid up-front to effectively budget for your family holiday, then booking an all-inclusive holiday is the way forward. An all-inclusive holiday can offer you a range of experiences from day excursions, adventures and entertainment with just one price tag.

Fussy kids? Go half-board
All-inclusive resort buffets may not always bode well with kids who are fussy eaters. Check in with your local agent on what half-board resorts can offer you. That way you can eat in your apartment for a meal you know the kids will like! 

Savvy packing tips
Once you’ve booked your holiday, there’s still time to be a savvy traveller in 2020 by planning a packing list, to help you avoid buying anything you don’t need which will help you save some pennies and create less waste too. You never know, you may have some room and money left over to spend on locally made souvenirs to bring home as gifts as well.

So, there’s plenty of opportunity in 2020 to find the good value deal you’re looking for and these tips will help you find it.