04 Jul

Ready to work with the next Government

Whatever the outcome of today’s election, we are ready to work with the future Government, ministers and Members of Parliament, to represent the interests of ABTA members and the wider industry. We have put the groundwork in early by making connections with candidates across the political spectrum. 

What we do need from the next Government is a step change to drive growth in the economy and improve productivity. This has to be achieved in the face of the enormous challenge of climate change. 

We need a Government prepared to work with us to achieve a low carbon future, especially for aviation, and to promote urgent investment in new technologies and new fuels. 

We also need a Government that understands the pressures that businesses are still under, following the pandemic, particularly given ongoing loan repayments; one which is helping SMEs and working with local authorities to promote a recovery of the high street. 

This is the case we will be making post-election, building on our strong reputation within government and with candidates, and our work on ABTA’s Manifesto for Travel and Tourism.   

This week is also the start of a new ABTA membership year for 2024-25. Whether you’re continuing your membership, or one of our new or returning members, we’re very pleased to have you on board.  

By now you should have received your membership pack which includes a short guide on how to get the most from your ABTA membership, and a link to abta.com/yourabtamembership where you can access your new social media asset which you can use to celebrate being an ABTA member.   

Everyone here at ABTA looks forward to supporting your business over this coming year.

Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive