13 Feb

Preston Travel (CI) Limited ceases trading - consumer advice

Preston Travel (CI) Limited, ABTA number: K2096/V6612 has ceased trading today, 13 February 2014 due to insolvency.

Advice to consumers

Consumers currently on holiday:

Customers who are currently abroad with Preston Travel (CI) Limited and who have any concerns should contact either the CAA or ABTA, depending on the nature of their booking (see below). 

Consumers due to travel:

Customers who are due to travel are advised to contact their travel agent in the first instance, they will be able to provide assistance and possibly book an alternative holiday. 

Details on how customers can make a claim and download a claim form can be found in our Travel Clinic  for holidays where no flight is involved.

For customers whose holiday includes a flight, you will need to contact the CAA: www.atol.org.uk.

More information on protection for travel industry products can be found in our Travel Tips.

The ABTA Member that has ceased trading has no connection with Preston Travel Centre Limited in Preston, Lancashire, a completely separate ABTA Member.