13 Feb

Preston Travel (CI) Limited ceases trading

ABTA has been informed that Preston Travel (CI) Limited, ABTA K2096/V6612 of Suite 401 Durkan House, 155 East Barnet Road, Barnet, EN4 8QZ has ceased trading today, 13 February 2014 due to insolvency.

Preston Travel (CI) Limited also has a branch located at Sapphire House, 2 East Barnet Road, Barnet, BN4 8RQ with ABTA W8874.

The Member that has ceased trading has no connection with Preston Travel Centre Limited in Preston, Lancashire, a completely separate ABTA Member.

Preston Travel (CI) Limited has been in ABTA Membership since 1966 and also traded as- Med Beach Holidays, Amathus Holidays, Egypt Travel Service, Guernsey Travel Service, Isle of Man Travel Service, Isle of Wight Travel Service, Isles of Scilly Travel Service, Jersey Travel Service, Longwood Holidays, Peltours Holidays, Preston Holidays, and Value Breaks.

The company specialised in holidays to the Channel Islands, the Isle of White and the Isle of Man, as well as offering tours to Egypt, Israel and Cyprus.

There are around 4,500 consumers with forward bookings. Those with a booking involving a flight should obtain a claims form from the CAA at www.atol.org.uk. For any other kind of booking, ie packages involving travel by ferry or coach, or accommodation only, consumers should visit the Consumer Zone on abta.com.

There are currently 144 consumers currently on holiday, many of whom flew out on packages covered by the Civil Aviation Authority’s ATOL scheme.  For non-flight based holidays and accommodation only bookings, ABTA has made arrangements to pay hoteliers for those currently overseas, as well as those travelling out for the weekend commencing 14 February, saving consumers the inconvenience of paying again and claiming refunds on return.

John de Vial, ABTA’s Head of Financial Protection said: “Preston Travel (CI) Limited is a well-known, long-established company and we are sorry to announce that they have ceased trading.

"ABTA will be arranging swift refunds for anyone who has booked a non-flight based package or accommodation-only booking. In addition we are pleased to offer reassurance to those already abroad or travelling out this weekend on similar trips that we will be seeking to secure their arrangement with hotels directly, allowing them to enjoy the rest of their holidays without the worry of claiming refunds on return.”

Preston Travel (CI) Limited employed 30 staff in the UK and overseas.

Advice to passengers

Customers on holiday:

Customers who are currently abroad with Preston Travel (CI) Limited will be able to continue their holiday as arranged and will be repatriated to the UK. 

Customers due to travel:

Customers who are due to travel are advised to contact their travel agent in the first instance -  they will be able to provide assistance and possibly book an alternative holiday. 

Details on how customers can make a claim and download a claim form can be found in the Travel Clinic for customers whose holidays has no flight, and for those with flights at www.atol.org.uk.

More information on protection for travel industry products can be found in our Travel Tips section.

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