30 May

Offering expert guidance on destination health & safety

For many years, ABTA has worked together with members, destinations and tourism service providers overseas, to try to improve standards of health, safety and security in destinations. It’s an important focus which supports our position as an industry leader.  

At ABTA’s recent Road Transport, Safety and Security training event, we were pleased to launch an updated version of our Land Transportation Guide, which is a free publication for members. The guidance is there to support your transport safety management process, and can be shared with your suppliers to help with their safety and risk management systems, in conjunction with their compliance with safety legislation.  

It follows on from ABTA’s Accommodation Health and Safety Technical Guide, also known as ‘the Blue Book’ which was updated last year and is available to all members for free in English and eight other languages. This publication is renowned across the industry and by destinations authorities and suppliers as the comprehensive and leading guide to support tourism accommodation health and safety management.    

If you would like access to any of the health & safety related publications, email the ABTA Destinations team at destinations@abta.co.uk.  

Health and safety is a crucial part of the mix in helping people Travel with Confidence, and our role includes getting advice to consumers and providing materials you can share with your customers.  

We have a wealth of advice to help people have a safe holiday, which is available here. We regularly share this information across our own social media channels, but it is also available for members to share directly with your customers. In particular we have our leaflets on safe and healthy holidays, including versions that can be printed or embedded into your emails to customers.

Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive