08 May

Norman Lamont to speak at The Travel Convention

Delegates at this year’s Travel Convention will benefit from the views and expertise of ex Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Norman Lamont who has been described by leading economist Sir Alan Walters as “not only the most effective, but also the bravest chancellor since the war”. 

Lord Lamont was Chancellor of the Exchequer during the last recession, presiding over the withdrawal of sterling from the Exchange Rate Mechanism which quickly became known as Black Monday.

His experience puts him in a good position to chart the likely course of the current recession, the challenges and pitfalls for Brown and Darling, the next steps for the G20 and the outlook for UK business and recovery.

After 25 years in the House of Commons – including several years in the Cabinet under both Margaret Thatcher and John Major – he has a wealth of experience and anecdotes which he’ll share with the Travel Convention delegates.

Mark Tanzer ABTA CEO said “We are very lucky to have someone of the calibre of Lord Lamont talking in Barcelona. He has been at the heart of this country’s finances and had to make some very tough decisions in extremely harsh economic conditions. His hard earned knowledge will provide invaluable lessons for us all”

Lord Lamont will be the final keynote speaker at this year’s Travel Convention in Barcelona, taking place from 6-8 October 2009.

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