22 Sep

New research reveals awareness of ABTA has increased

More people regard ABTA membership as essential or important when booking a holiday

New research released today* reveals that awareness of ABTA among the UK population has increased in the past 12 months, reaffirming ABTA’s position as the UK’s most recognised travel trade association. Almost three quarters (73%) of people recognise the logo, representing an increase of 2% from 2015.

The research shows people have overwhelmingly positive associations with the ABTA brand. Almost three quarters (73%) regard ABTA membership as essential or important when booking a holiday, a slight increase of 2% from last year. A significant majority of people also strongly associate ABTA with expertise (69%), confidence (65%), reassurance (65%), safety (68%), reliability (68%) and quality (65%).

There is a high expectation that travel companies will be ABTA Members, with three quarters of people (75%) expecting their holiday company to be a Member. The research also suggests that not being an ABTA Member is detrimental to a company’s business, with over six in ten consumers (63%) saying they think less positively of companies that are not ABTA Members.

ABTA’s services are highly valued by people. ABTA’s help and advice in the event of a travel crisis is considered ‘essential’ by 65% of respondents, perhaps reflecting the challenging events of the last 12 months impacting the industry. Its Code of Conduct to regulate Members, setting standards for the industry to work to, financial protection arrangements and help in resolving holiday complaints are all services considered to be essential by a majority of people.

Victoria Bacon, ABTA Director of Brand and Business Development, said: “It is very heartening to see both awareness of ABTA and positive associations with the brand strengthen over the last twelve months. During a period when online holiday fraud has increased, and when high profile global events have thrown a spotlight on the industry, it is clear that the confidence that the ABTA badge brings, and the consumer advice and support that we are able to provide on behalf of our Members are more important than ever.” 

* Consumer research was conducted by Arkenford Ltd (www.arkenford.co.uk) who specialise in leisure and tourism market research. The ABTA Consumer Trends survey generated responses from a nationally representative sample of 1962 consumers using an online research methodology and related to holiday booking habits in the 12 months to August 2016. Fieldwork was conducted in August 2016.