06 Feb

New novel coronavirus guidance note

A little over a month on from when the current outbreak of novel coronavirus was first reported from Wuhan, China, and cases have now been found in over 20 countries. Whilst the vast majority of the 20,000+ cases have been in China there is naturally concern about how this outbreak may develop further and how it will affect travel in this region and other areas over the coming weeks and possibly months, not to mention of course the communities and travellers more directly affected. 

It is impossible to predict at this stage what will be the scale of the outbreak and the situation is rapidly evolving: which is why ABTA’s Destinations team is monitoring developments closely from multiple sources such as the Foreign Office and Public Health England and is committed to keeping Members up to date with the latest reports and advice through its regular operational bulletins. 

Members have been in touch with different queries and ABTA has developed a new guidance note on novel coronavirus, to provide details of the current outbreak together with advice and information to help Members manage customers enquires and concerns which is available to access here. Members are reminded to get in touch with ABTA’s Member Support team on 020 3117 0597 for any specific queries and as the situation develops ABTA will provide further updates.

Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive

Guidance note