22 May

New helplines for ABTA Members

ABTA produces a wide range of guidance to help support Members in running their business but perhaps less well known are the benefits offered to our Members by ABTA Partners – who are leaders in their various fields of expertise on subjects as diverse as VAT and taxation, employment law, technology, marketing and communications. Today I am delighted to announce three new free telephone helplines offered by ABTA Partners exclusively to ABTA Members - on Investments Expansion and Sales advice, Managing Risk and HR, Training and Recruitment. These join existing helplines on Tax, Employment Law and Crisis Management. The lines will be open during normal office hours 09.00 -17.00 Monday to Friday and offer an extremely useful back up to the free legal advice on travel law provided by the ABTA legal department and the guidance offered by our Business Support team. You can find out more about the helplines in the Member Zone of ABTA’s website.

Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive