04 May

New guidance on the 2018 changes to credit and debit card charges 

We have been advising Members about changes to the law that come into effect from 13 January 2018 that will prohibit debit and credit card charges. From that date, you will not be able to charge customers a fee for using their cards. These new rules will have a significant impact on Members’ businesses, especially for agents, and it’s important to start planning now for the changes. To help Members prepare for the changes we have updated our guidance note on credit and debit card charges. The note now includes information on how Members might want to consider managing the ban on charges, including information on charging booking fees, increasing headline prices and offering incentives to customers to use payment methods other than cards.

The ban results from new EU legislation and as it is a pro-consumer measure there is no scope to overturn it. However, we have called on the Government to include an exemption for charge cards and commercial cards and are highlighting to the Treasury the negative impact a ban on card charges will have on the travel industry, particularly on travel agents. We will keep you updated as to any developments in this important area. 

Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive