14 Jan

New funding announced by Scottish and Welsh Governments

The Scottish Government announced additional grant funding for those businesses required to close under the Strategical Framework Business Fund for hospitality, retail and leisure businesses in Level 4 areas. This funding includes travel agents and members should apply via their Local Authority webpage

The Scottish Government also announced that one-off grants will be made available for affected businesses in Level 3 areas. We strongly encourage Members to apply, particularly in light of the First Minister's comments "travel is restricted and therefore the impact is quite severe, so it is important that our compensation arrangements take account of that". More information about eligibility criteria and application process can be found here. Members can find what support they are eligible for via https://findbusinesssupport.gov.scot.
The Welsh Government's latest ERF Sector Specific Fund to support tourism, hospitality and leisure businesses affected by coronavirus restrictions opened for applications on Wednesday 13 January. The funding aims to support business impacted by alert level 3 and 4 restrictions and is only open for two weeks. ABTA strongly encourages members to look at the application terms to see if they might be eligible. This is in addition to the ongoing ERF Restrictions Business Fund and other lockdown grant funding. More information about the ERF can be found here and a Welsh Business Support Finder can be found here.
If you have specific questions on either scheme, get in touch with ABTA’s Public Affairs team publicaffairs@abta.co.uk. We are keeping a briefing note on Government support available, which can be accessed here in the Member Zone.