12 Sep

New Convention speakers announced

ABTA has announced that Matt Warman, The Telegraph and Kevin Mathers, YouTube UK will be speaking at The Travel Convention in Dubrovnik, Croatia, 20-22 October 2013.

The "internet of things"

The "internet of things" will change the way we all live, work, shop and travel. Matt Warman will examine what that brave new world looks like, starting with what it will do for each individual, and look at what it will also mean for cities (when every traffic light, electricity meter and security system is online, things start to look a bit different...) and the future for global companies.

Matt Warman is The Telegraph's Head of Technology, and has covered the rise of Google, Facebook and the launch of the BBC iPlayer. Matt joined The Telegraph on work experience in 1999, and has since covered television, motoring, books and arts. He has focused on technology since 2008.

Sight, sound and motion

Sight, sound and motion in the form of online video content is fast becoming an essential part of the researching and booking process in travel. Before deciding which city, resort, hotel, cruise or restaurant to go to, many travellers now search for a video to get an emotionally engaging, 'real life' view of their potential destination. Video platforms, such as YouTube, have proven popular for travellers to share their travel experiences; and for travel companies to advertise their products.

Kevin Mathers, Managing Director of YouTube UK, will provide an overview of the latest trends in audio visual and explain the role that sight, sound and motion plays in a company’s brand, mobile and content marketing strategy.

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