12 Apr

More holiday travel arrangements to become packages under new laws

ABTA – the Travel Association responds to Government announcement on changes to Package Travel Regulations

The changes to the Package Travel Regulations will see more travel arrangements becoming packages from 1 July, meaning these types holidays will benefit from both financial and legal protection.

Under existing travel regulations, around half of UK holiday travel arrangements - 20 million packages and 3 million flight-plus holidays, are financially protected. From 1st July, flight-plus arrangements will no longer exist and many will become packages.

Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive of ABTA – the Travel Association said:

“More holiday travel arrangements will be classified as packages meaning greater protection for these types of holiday. Package holidays offer the best form of protection: not only are you entitled to a refund or to be brought home should your travel company go out of business, but you also benefit from additional legal protection, for example the right to a refund if bad weather means your holiday can’t be provided.

“Currently, around half of UK holiday travel arrangements are financially protected. From 1 July, while the number of holidays financially protected isn’t expected to increase – the level of protection will, as they will also be required to have legal protection. Whether your trip is covered by these regulations or not will depend on what and how you booked, so it is very important you check with your travel company.

“The Government still needs to publish the final Regulations, which means the timescale is very tight for UK businesses to make necessary changes by 1st July. ABTA is helping its members to understand their legal responsibilities and support them in making any necessary changes. Consumers not booking with an ABTA Member will have to rely on UK Trading Standards if they are concerned a company they are dealing with is not providing the correct protection for travel arrangements.”