08 Oct

Monarch Travel Group

We understand that the Monarch Travel Group has ceased trading

We are here to help you to navigate through the process of either continuing with your holiday arrangements, recovering your money, or rebooking your travel arrangements. We will need to give you some specific advice depending on the type of booking that you have made. It is very important that you closely follow this advice. 

The Monarch Travel Group includes the following companies. For further information and advice, please click on the name of the company your booking is with using the links provided below.

Monarch Holidays Ltd ABTA Member V0531
Monarch Airlines Ltd trading as Monarch Airlines (from 15 December 2016) Not an ABTA Member
First Aviation Ltd (to 14 December 2016) Not an ABTA Member
Avro Ltd Not an ABTA Member (resigned from ABTA 30 June 2017)
Somewhere2stay Ltd trading as Monarch Hotels Not an ABTA Member

Please note: Cosmos Tours Limited – ABTA V3031 - ATOL 1082 and Archers Tours Limited – ABTA V4848 – ATOL 2862 are not part of the Monarch Travel Group.

Holidays booked with either Cosmos Tours Ltd or Archers Tours Ltd will be unaffected and will go ahead as planned.