24 Sep

'Let's make a noise for Charlie' appeal

Last Thursday ABTA’s charity LifeLine held its fourth annual dinner at The RAF Club, providing a chance to raise vital funds for the charity and an opportunity to spread the word about the important work that it does looking after current and former staff of ABTA Members and their families.

Lifeline launched a new appeal, ‘Let's Make a noise for Charlie,’ a dedicated appeal to raise £15,000 to help a five-month-old baby with vocal cord palsy. He can’t laugh or cry. Charlie’s mother Sophie never thought she would need any help until her world turned upside down when Charlie was born. None of us knows what’s around the corner or when they might need a helping hand. That’s why it is so important to support ABTA LifeLine and help the most vulnerable people in the travel community when they have nowhere else to turn.

Please tell people in your organisation about Lifeline, support the £1 per employee appeal and donate to Charlie’s appeal. No matter how big or small your company all those £1s added up together will make a significant difference.

To read more about Lifeline’s work and the £1 per employee appeal visit www.abtalifeline.org.uk or follow them on twitter @abtalifeline.

Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive