15 Jun

Join ABTA at its Sustainable Travel seminar

All tour operators and travel agents should be implementing a sustainability strategy that covers their supply chain. 

However, what is the business case for doing so? Clare Jenkinson, Senior Destinations & Sustainability Manager for ABTA says ‘I am seeing more and more companies realise they need a sustainability strategy, because of customer demand, reputational risk or legal compliance.’

Firstly, there is increasing regulatory and societal pressure for companies to monitor the impact of their supply chain. The TISC clause of the Modern Slavery Act requires every company with a turnover of more than £36 million to set out what they are doing to address labour issues in their supply chains and business operations.

Companies deemed to have unethical practices have been named and shamed, leading to reputational damage and even boycotts.

Secondly, consumer demand for responsible travel is rising. By promoting your organisation as an ethical business, you will appeal to a broader consumer base. By working closely with your suppliers and destinations, you will improve your customer’s experience and your business practices.

ABTA will run a one-day seminar on 6 July in London to deliver practical guidance and discussion on sustainability issues. This seminar offers first-hand insights from leading organisations and the opportunity to network. This is a rare and valuable opportunity, whether you are an established sustainable travel practitioner or are just starting out. 

Read Daniel Turner‘s article Time to address the ‘elephant in the room’. Daniel is the Associate Director of EU Compliance and Tourism at The Born Free Foundation.

Click here to view the agenda. To register you can follow this link.