19 Sep

The importance of trust 

This week, ABTA’s programme of Regional Business Meetings for Members starts and they will be running throughout the autumn. For those of you that are able to attend you will hear, among other hot topics, about the importance of trust. This is obviously more relevant than ever now given these times of change and uncertainty and is why ABTA invests so much in its reputation, on behalf of the Association’s membership.

In the run up to the next peak booking season, Members should consider what steps they can take to reassure holidaymakers and businesses looking to travel and an easy step is to ensure you are using and displaying the ABTA logo prominently. 

You may have seen the latest independent research (from Arkenford) that not only reaffirms ABTA’s place as the UK’s most trusted travel organisation, but that the ABTA logo is more recognised than ever. In fact, 83% of consumers are aware of ABTA – the highest level since research began – and 78% feel more confident booking a holiday with a company that is an ABTA Member. To put it simply, customers trust ABTA and have greater confidence when booking with ABTA Members.

A clear benefit of being an ABTA Member is being able to use our logo and leverage its equity that has been built up over the last six decades. Not only does it help in the ‘shop front’ whether on-line or off-line and in-store, but it also strengthens marketing campaigns.

The ABTA badge is a powerful tool; to find out more about how you can use our branding to support your marketing activity visit the Member Zone

Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive

ABTA infographic